Online Conversation Club

Course Overview

Do you want to practise your English conversation skills with people from all over the world? Then our online conversation club is for you! 

We know that it is important for you to be understood and to sound natural and fluent. The online conversation club is an informal way for you to practice speaking in a comfortable environment with an English teacher who will help you improve your accuracy, fluency and pronunciation. Our teachers will help you correct your mistakes, such as grammar and vocabulary errors. In terms of content, your teacher will give you topics to talk about, situations to role-play and new vocabulary. 

The club is for anyone who wants to improve their speaking and communication skills and focusses on a mix of social and professional situations. So, grab a drink, get comfortable and start chatting to new friends!

Key Facts

English level: A1-C2*
Minimum age: 16
Average age: 20-40
Minimum course length: 1 week
Average group size: 8 (maximum 14)
*subject to availability

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Click here to apply for this course. If you don’t know your English level, take the test here.

If you would like to apply for this package, please contact
Online Conversation Club
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
13:00-14:30 (no break)      

1.5 taught hours, 1 day a week

  • To increase your confidence when communicating
  • To improve your fluency and accuracy when speaking
  • To help you understand and respond to a range of real-life situations
  • To increase your vocabulary in a wide range of topics

Stimulating online resources including authentic materials such as journals, videos and podcasts to help create and develop interesting conversational practice

£20** per week