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West London English School: Premium Preparation Provider

WLES are proud to be an official OET Premium Preparation Course Provider. Our courses are specifically designed by our fully qualified and experienced OET team to help you achieve the best possible result in the OET exam. You can study a variety of courses with us, including intensive OET. 

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Occupational English Test (OET) Preparation Course in London

OET Preparation Course in London

In the classroom

We offer face-to-face classes at our school in London. Our class sizes are kept to a maximum of 8 students per class, ensuring you receive a good amount of support from our expert teachers. In addition to studying in class, you will also receive a number of tasks to complete at home. You can study with us for: Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy or Veterinary Medicine. 

Occupational English Test (OET) Preparation Online Courses

Online OET Course


We also offer a range of online courses so that you can learn with us remotely. Online lessons are a mix of video lessons, video calls for feedback with a teacher, online exercises to prepare you and mock exam papers.



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Is the OET the right exam for you?

The Occupational English Test (OET) is a test of English for healthcare professionals which is used in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Dubai among others to assess the Medical English skills of medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, midwives and vets.

Currently, the OET is accepted in the UK by:

  • General Medical Council
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
  • General Pharmaceutical Council

Healthcare professionals require a Grade B in the OET to work in the UK. Grade B is an advanced level of English, equivalent to IELTS band 7 and C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).




  • I am pleased to say that I passed and I would like to thank you for your help.
    Dr Bianca Bueno, Brazil, Sept 2020

  • I just want to share with you my OET results, which are not bad… 3 B and 1 A!!! Thank you very much for everything and for your help.
    Dr Clara Pañella, Spain, Sept 2020

  • Thank you so much!!!! Harmi, God bless you! I am so happy!!! Thank you so much for preparation!!! Honestly, your course and teaching approach are fantastic!!
    Dr Hanna Ptravanna, Ukraine, Sept 2020

  • I want to tell you l have passed my exam. I am so happy l just pray for you to be happy always and have a great live because you helped me a lot . Thanks again. Thanks so so much!
    Dr Daban Latif, Iraq, Sept 2020

  • Thank you so much Harmi and Beth. I really appreciate all the help you gave me. I applied for a job and they have selected me. We did it! Thank you for all the support.
    Nurse Anjila, Nepal, 2020

  • Many thanks for everything, to Beth and Harmi. I love your school. All the time I felt at “Home”. Please tell all the team in the school I send a big kiss. This school made my English and life better.
    Senior Nurse Bernadette Dinis, Portugal, 2020

  • I just want to let you know that I finally passed my OET Exam, thank you for your support.
    Nurse Brenda Kamhunga, Zimbabwe, Feb 2020

  • I’m happy to inform you that I have passed my OET test after speaking remarking. Beth and Katalin has been great help and your support in the last gave me strength to get through the exam well.
    Dr Keerthi Katkam, India, Feb 2020

  • I have passed all four module of OET. This can never be achieved without your support and dedication.
    Dr Mahnoor Khurshid, Pakistan, January 2020

  • I got my remarking result today, its 380 now. I am so happy. Thank you for all your support. Without your help, I wouldn’t get these marks in just one sitting. Thanks for everything.
    Dr Elcin Yardimici, Turkey, January 2020

  • Thank you so much. I scored grade B in all the four parts of the OET.
    Dr Iqubal Hossain, Bangladesh – Jan 2020

  • I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as I know that if it wasn’t for you and your endless patience I wouldn’t have passed OET.
    Dr Macpula Elmabruk, Italy, October 2019

  • I'm so happy!! Thank you, thank you very much! In this last year I learned so much, but I couldn't pass without your help!
    Dr Isabel Migilor, Italy, October 2019

  • This is the best school for general English and especially for OET preparation. They are making a huge effort to help their students succeed. I really recommend it.
    Dr Mariam Cheteouni, Morocco, Oct 2019

  • I just want to tell you that I passed with 4 Bs. Thank you so much for your teaching and your kind personality.
    Dr Fuad Alshamrani, Somalia, Oct 2019

  • West London School is the best school I will recommend for everyone. Their teachers are good and they also have time for every individual. I love WLS.
    Nurse Peace Aryee, Ghana, 2019

  • I would highly recommend all my friends, colleagues doctors to join the school before the oet exam!!!
    Dr Dhanush Kumar Singh Asvin Bholoa, Mauritius, Oct 2019

  • This school helped me a lot with a very important exam. The course was absolutely amazing and the teacher, Harmi, was the best!! Highly recommended.
    Nurse Elisa Pisapia, Italy, Oct 2019

  • I passed the exam! I would like to thank you for your well organised course, your interest and responsibility.
    Dr Kostantis Siafakas, Greece, Sept 2019

  • I just got my results for OET today. I got B in all sub-tests. I can't believe, I cleared. Thank you so much sir for your help and support.
    Dr Anuja Lajpatral, India, Aug 2019

  • I just had remarking result finally got it many thanks for you and for Beth you both helped me lot.
    Dr Asmaa Elamrani, Morocco, June 2019

  • Today, I have received my OET results and glad to inform you I have gained desired band score. Thank you very much for the very support you have given.
    Dr Munipiya Willaraarachch, Sri Lanka, June 2019

  • I passed OET! Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.
    Dr Tomohito Kogure, Japan, May 2019

  • I PASSED! Got three Bs and an A!! Just wanted to thank you very much, you have been great
    Dr Carmen Ercolini, Italy, Nov 2018

  • I passed my exam, got B in all the four aspect. Thanks for your support.
    Nurse Fausat, Nigeria, Nov 2018

  • Thank you so much Harmi for your support and all the guidance.
    Nurse Kamal Sandhu, India, Aug 2018

  • I have received my result yesterday. I have passed my OET exam. Thank you so much for your support.
    Dr Mariam Pervaiz, Pakistan, Aug 2018

  • The 4 week course was planned and organised systematically. Our tutor, Beth, she is brilliant. She Very understanding, flexible, encouraging, friendly and supportive. The other tutors are also excellent at their role. All staff members were very helpful, from registration till the last day of the course. The teaching material and practice material including the online classes by Beth and Harmi were very educative and productive.
    Roma Araujo, Portugal, July 2021

  • WLES is a great school for those who are preparing to get high grades on OET examination and I have studied and experienced myself. Personally,it was a very good experience for me.
    Sumran Gurung, Nepal, July 2021

  • This school has provided me with a good experience regardless of the pandemic we are currently facing.All the teachers were extremely helpful especially Beth.I was really struggling with my writing and she was always there to help. She is an excellent teacher and mentor. Overall,I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is struggling with oet.
    Dr Karishma Limbu, Nepal, July 2021

  • If you looking for oet training this is the place to be. This is an exemplary oet college, they have teachers with oet on finger tips, I was blessed to have been taught by you guys, the passion in teaching is not going to die in your hearts. Kudos kudos for making me celebrate.
    Margaret Nzisa, Kenya, July 2021

  • It was a very useful course with very intensive practice. Many thanks to our amazing teacher Beth our super guru!
    DrNouraBarazi, Syria, June 2021

  • I want to thank you my dear teacher ,Harmi and the manager of West London English School for helping me out to pass my OET reading as it was the only barrier to register with NMC.
    Somayyeh, May 2021

  • I highly recommend this school! Harmi is an excellent teacher and thanks to him I have passed the OET exam!!! Lots of preparation materials , small number of students in the class and great teacher helped me to succeed ( I’ve got the highest mark on writing which was my biggest issue ) !!! Words can’t express my gratitude! THANK YOU!!!
    Dr Olga Gonta, Romania, May 2021

  • Harmi really helped me to understand what the OET writing section asks for and therefore to achieve a passing score. In addition, Harmi and Beth were always there in the final days of my preparation, answering all my questions and quickly correcting any task I was given. Overall, the teachers were very professional and kind at the same time. Great experience!
    Dr Kostas Avgerinos, USA, May 2021

  • Massive thank you for your hard work. The platinum course was above and beyond . Do not know how much this amazing course helped me to tackle all the language obstacles . Special thank you for Harmi for writing corrections and he was always answered my questions,understanding the pressure and stress and the best English teacher ever Beth as she discovered my week points in speaking and worked very hard to improve my level so I can reach my goal in easy way I would like to mention also the very good organisation of the website and it’s very easy to reach all the sub tests I strongly recommended for any one aiming score B or above
    Dr Sarogeny Ismael, December 2020

  • II took the OET course at WLE School. The tutor Harmi Bains. Is the best tutor ever. He helped me a lot during my OET journey. He is very professional and taught me exactly how to pass this challenging exam. He provided us with the new material, explain how to access every section and he was very supportive. I extremely recommend the OET course in WLE School. I can say Harmi Bains is the key to success your OET. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
    Dr Ahmed Ibraham, Sudan, February 2020

  • I would like to use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to Harmi Bains for helping me top my required score of 350 in the OET writing sub-test. From the very beginning and up until the date of my test, the support I received from Harmi was excellent. He was very approachable and open to discussing any questions I had and for that I am very grateful. With his support and encouragement, I have now achieved a score of 400 so I couldn’t recommend him enough!
    Vitaly Gurtskaya, Sweden, November 2020

  • I’m very delighted to have been guided by such amazing tutors. Thank you Harmi and katalin for your amazing support and guidance that helped me score B in all subtest. The opportunity was worth it to master the actual exam scenario, furthermore the constructive and non judgemental feedback on every step of mastering the course helped in a great way . I highly recommend the course .
    AnaleyMascarenhas, India, November 2020

  • Dears In WLES, I am writing to tell you that I passed the exam with B score. Its not something difficult at all when you Join this course . Mr Harmi Bains is very helpfull and I use to enjoy his sessions . He is an excellent advisor I’m very grateful to your efforts with me . I wouldn’t reach this level without your course and important feedbacks which I really enjoyed. Furthermore I improved in writing referrals even in daily life .
    Dr HarrithElhag, Saudi Arabia, October 2020

  • This is an excellent service that teaches you how to excel in your English exams. I would like to thank Harmi (tutor) and the whole team at large for their great works ?? Highly recommend this place .
    Vera JamilaAcolatse, UK, October 2020

  • I had a great experience. I contacted the school for OET classes and got a quick return from Harmi. He was very attentive, competent and gave me private lessons for 1 week that were enough to help me with my weaknesses. I took the test for my first time on the 25th of July and managed to reach B in each subtest, which was my goal to revalidate my medical degree. I strongly recommend the school to everyone.
    Bianca Bueno, Italy, September 2020

  • WLES is an excellent option to improve your English and take it to the next level. I did my OET exam last August and I didn't have much time to prepare it, so I enrolled in one of this intensive on-line course. I'm really pleased with my results. Harmi, my teacher, was amazing. Despite not having much time, he was always concerned about my weak points and gave me a lot of good tips and inputs to improve my writing. It was a pleasure to prepare the speaking rols with Harmi because he was a good listener and advised me how to include all the criteria to get a B.I highly recommend this school to prepare your OET exam!
    Dr Clara PanellaVilamu, Spain, September 2020

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