Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses

Course Overview

The Cambridge Exams: First Certificate of English,  Advanced Certificate of English and Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency are right for you if:

  • you want to study in higher education e.g. university
  • you need a certificate to prove your level of English
  • you want to improve your general English level
  • you want to obtain a certificate of English while living in London.

This course has been designed to fully prepare you for the B2 First, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency test to achieve your best possible result. The tests are almost identical but, because they are at different levels, we have separate classes. The strategies and techniques you will learn are intended to help you get the score you need in each part of the test.

The five parts of the exam are:

  • Use of English
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking.

Our Academic Team select a coursebook which has a variety of interactive and appropriate preparation materials, past exam papers and a range of homework exercises to give you sufficient practice, confidence in the exam, and help you continue to learn English. 

Examples of techniques you will learn are:

  • Listening for gist, detail and comprehension
  • Reading for gist and detail, skimming and scanning texts at high speed
  • How to write for a range of formal and informal genres such as letters, proposals and essays

Key Facts

  • Minimum English level: B2
  • Minimum age: 16    
  • Average age: 25-30
  • Minimum course length: 1 week
  • Start date: any Monday
  • Average class size: 5 (maximum 12)
    *subject to availability

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It is easy to apply for an online course. You can book online or you can download our application form and email it to us. To know your level, take the test here.

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B2 First Exam Preparation
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12.45-15.15 (break 14.00-14.10)

2 hours 25 minutes taught hours per day, 3 days a week

C1 Advanced Exam Preparation
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
18.00-20.30 (break from 19:15 to 19:30)  

4.5 taught hours, 2 days per week

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  • To learn and use listening techniques such as listening for gist, detail, note-taking and comprehension
  • To develop reading skills and techniques for the exam including skimming and scanning texts at high speed, reading for detail, and reading for gist
  • To develop writing strategies such as critically analysing, evaluation and giving opinion
  • Increase your vocabulary for a range of situations to help with speaking and writing
  • To improve and develop your speaking fluency, accuracy, pronunciation and confidence to succeed in the exam
  • To develop and practise English grammar and gain confidence when using it in writing and in speaking
  • Learn self-study techniques to help you study independently outside the classroom
  • Regular test practice that reflects the real-life exam atmosphere
  • A coursebook and workbook (additional £25)