Camilla Sheaves


I never imagined whilst I was studying English at university that I would one day become an English language teacher. Although I have always had a passion for languages, it was a thirst for travel and cultures that kicked off my career. I began teaching in 2018 as a means to see the world and fell in love with the creativity and diversity of the job. I have been lucky that in my short introduction to teaching I have experienced a great variety of students. I have taught adults from all over the world in Ireland and children as young as two in Japan. I feel that every age and every level has its joys and challenges. For me it’s learning about my students and adapting to their needs that makes this job incredible. 

My life is always one big adventure! When I’m not planning lessons, I am out trying to discover London’s secrets. Whether it’s eating my way through the bustling markets, bouncing around at one of the city’s many music venues or walking with my dog to try and find the most wild escape. This city holds the world in its limits so my desire to explore is never yearning.