Alex Clayton-Black


Maybe it was always meant to be. A decades-old English & Linguistics BA Hons and an almost equally vintage CELTA qualification were dusted down some 4 years ago when an overwhelming thirst for adventure and a craving for Spanish culture punctuated a long career in corporate event production.  With 3 years' experience of teaching all ages and levels in Spain, I returned to the UK in June 2019 to repeat my 2018 summer job with WLES... and I am still enjoying my summer job teaching English classes!

A broad general knowledge derived from a wide range of interests informs my lessons. I have a particular enthusiasm for art, history, heritage, popular culture, football, tennis, film, theatre and TV, travel as well as my two major preoccupations which are language and music. Drop in to a local jam session and you might just find this teacher's voice behind the microphone.