Evi Kutasi


It started out as an innocent fling with a Creative Writing through Literature course in London, but then I ended up with an MA in English Language and Literature and a love for the world of adult education. I thoroughly enjoyed the Psychology modules at University, which led me to Applied Psychology and Yoga, so much so that I became a Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Therapist. Then I continued my studies at a Yoga College in India. Learning Sanskrit reminded me of the importance of learning strategies, so I became vested in methods that can facilitate concentration and boost memory. I’m still fascinated by discovering ways to fulfil the human potential linguistically in a classroom or holistically in a yoga class.

I love intensity (just look at my hair colour!) and variety which I have experienced in a wide range of jobs: apart from teaching General, Business and Military English, I’ve found time to lead yoga classes, provide yoga therapy consultations, write blog entries, manage websites, and become a Director of Studies at a language school in Hungary. I started teaching in the UK in 2019 and West London English School feels like home already. In my free time I take contemporary dance lessons (give me a shout if you know a great teacher in Ealing), go to concerts and enjoy meaningful conversations with people with a curiosity about life.