Terms & Conditions


All prospective students are required to read the following conditions before signing:
1. West London English School (WLES) provides tuition to all students over the age of 18.
2. Registration for a course of study with WLES constitutes a binding agreement between the student and WLES.
3. Students are advised to ensure they have sufficient funds before they enrol with WLES. We cannot offer any subsidy if a student is unable to complete the course as a result of financial constraints.
4. Placement in class is subject to availability.
5. Tuition fees are only refundable where the British Immigration Authorities have refused student entry clearance or visa extension. The refusal letter, any letters issued by the college and an authorisation letter must substantiate all refund requests. An administrative charge of £250 will be applied to all refund requests. Full fees will be refunded if the course is cancelled by WLES.
Tuition fees will not be refunded if a student has been refused entry clearance or visa extension:

  • due to insufficient funds;
  • for using forged documents;
  • for submitting a different set of documents to British Immigration Authorities from those used by WLES as evidence used to give offer of studies on a course;
  • if British Immigration Authorities are unable to verify student’s documents;
  • if a student has had their course cancelled and their details sent to the UK Border Agency due to poor attendance or non-payment of course fees;
  • if the student has not officially informed WLES of failing to arrive in time for the start of the course. Course dates will not be changed in this case and the UK Border Agency will be informed of this.

6. WLES will not transfer fees from one student to another.
7. Students are expected to attend classes regularly. WLES does not allow visa students to have any unauthorised absences. Failure to attend classes regularly will be dealt with in accordance with WLES’ Attendance Policy. This Policy can be found on the school website and a hard copy is available on demand.
8. The college must be informed of any changes to student’s contact details (address, email or telephone number). WLES will not accept any responsibility for any correspondence or messages going astray or missing as a result of student’s failure to comply with this rule.
9. Student’s files are confidential and will only be produced to a recognised authority. Any third party requests for student details must be substantiated by student’s written permission.
10. The cost of course books is included in the course fee (maximum of 4 sets per year for EFL, starting with 1 set for 8 weeks’ course).
11. WLES reserves the absolute right to amend the lesson timetable and to merge or split classes as and when deemed appropriate.
12. WLES operates from two buildings and classes may take place in any of the two buildings.
13. WLES reserves the right to alter or amend its internal certificates and diplomas throughout the academic period.
14. WLES reserves the right to alter or amend its admission criteria as and when deemed appropriate.
15. Three working days’ notice is required for WLES to produced letters requested by students.
16. WLES will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to student’s belongings on the school premises. Likewise, WLES will not be held responsible for any mail that is lost or stolen as a result of a student using WLES’s address for sending or receiving personal mail.
17. WLES operates a strictly non-smoking policy in classrooms and offices. No food or drink may be consumed in the classrooms. Mobile telephones must be switched off during lessons.

WLES is genuinely committed to providing equal opportunities and will do everything possible to ensure that all students receive the same quality of education and tuition and that all students and staff are valued equally and fairly on the basis of merit regardless of age*, class, disability, gender, marital status, nationality, race, ethnic origin, colour, religion, sexual orientation or social background.