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Recommend a friend Your friend is our friend £25 when your friend registers for up to 8 weeks (on a Full-time course) or for up to 12 weeks (on a Part-time course) £50 when your friend registers for 8 weeks or more (on a Full-time course) or for 12 weeks or more (on a Part-time course) Once registration is complete both you and your friend will receive the reward eith...

First languages of our students

Students at West London English School come from different parts of the world, to study & improve their English here in London. To show this diversity we created a pie chart of our students mother tongues and wrote a little bit about the most popular languages our students speak as their first. Some languages didn't make it as there were too many to list in one chart, so we...

English language idioms

Here are 10 English language idioms, that you might find useful to know. A bitter pill (to swallow) A situation or information that is unpleasant but must be accepted. Example: Losing to a younger player was a bitter pill to swallow. Not winning the Premiership was a bitter pill to swallow for a team that was used to winning every year. It's raining cats and dogs!...

Term 1 English Readers

Each term at West London English School our teachers select a reader as part of the course. This is a great way to improve your English language skills outside of the classroom and if you want to read more books suited to your current level of English, you can join our student library where you'll find plenty to choose from.   "Someone like you" by Roald Dahl ...

Vocabulary: Office Supplies

It's always useful to keep expanding your vocabulary when you're learning English. Here's a list of words used for some of the items you might find in an office, work or a classroom environment. Try guessing which words are used to decribe which item, before looking at the picture with answers. Drawing pin (in British English) or Thumbtack (in US English)  Binder clip als...

English Prepositions

A preposition is a word that links a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to some other part of the sentence. Even advanced learners of English can find prepositions difficult, as a direct translation is usually not possible. One preposition in your native language might have several translations depending on the situation. A good way to learn prepositions is looking them up in ...

Different Shades of Blue

In case you haven't noticed yet, we at West London English School like the colour blue. That's why we have put together a short blog post about different shades of the colour, which can help you expand your colour vocabulary in English. You can find even more blue colours and information about these shades here: Shades of Blue Below you can read more about the colo...

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Special Offer Add English to your new years resolution list! Enrol or extend your course before end of term (17.12.2015) get extra weeks free 8 weeks - 1 week free 12 weeks - 2 weeks free Applicable to all courses IELTS, General English, Conversation Classes

Expressions for giving opinions

Personal Point of View In my opinion the blue tie looks better. I believe too much sugar is bad for your health. I reckon it was the right thing to do. This story is, to my mind, a masterpiece. As I see it the home team is going to win. From my point of view, holiday in Caribbean would have been better choice this time of year. As far as I'm concerned, it i...

Basic conditional clauses in English language

0. (Zero Conditional) Something which always happens: IF/UNLESS + PRESENT SIMPLE, PRESENT SIMPLE If you stroke our cat, she purrs. Unless you need more space, a small car is big enough for one person. If you press the red button, the machine stops. 1. (1st Conditional) Future possibility: IF/UNLESS + PRESENT, WILL + INFINITIVE If she passes her CAE exam, she'll be re...