Additional Information

The minimum enrolment age is 16
The maximum class size is 12 and the average class size is 8
In exceptional circumstances the maximum class size may be temporarily increased to 14
The school is closed on public holidays and for two weeks at Christmas
We hold four afternoon teacher training sessions during the year on the last day of each term. Whenever a lesson is scheduled at the same time as a teacher training session, we will reschedule the lesson to a different day
At FCE and CAE levels, courses will include both exam preparation and General English, as appropriate to the needs of the  students in the class
The management may also decide to give graded readers to students studying for shorter periods of time free of charge
Exam preparation courses do not include external examination fees (usually £100-£150)
Social programme fees (up to £30) are not included
Full payment is required for all bookings. Payment plans are available on request for bookings of 12 weeks or more
In the event of cancellation, the student will be entitled to a refund of any outstanding balance after an admin fee of
£150 and any fees for lessons provided (as stated on our price list) have been deducted. If a student cancels part of
the way through the week, the full price for the week will be charged
When applying for a short-term study visa and booking a course at West London English School you can make a non-refundable deposit of £250 towards your course fees. However we strongly advise to pay the course fees in full as this makes the visa application case stronger.


You must give 48 hour notice if you wish to cancel or postpone a lesson; otherwise you will not be entitled to rearrange it or receive a refund
The maximum small group size is 5
Please contact us directly to organise larger classes


Student’s book - £30
Workbook - £20
Exam Practice Papers - £20
Graded Reader - £10 (returnable deposit)

Weeks Materials Included
4 - 7 Student’s book
8 - 11 Student’s book and workbook
12 - 23 One full set: student’s book, workbook, graded reader and exam practice papers (FCE, CAE, CPE levels only)
24 - 48 Two full sets